Basic cake baking tools


Ever wondered what basic ingredients and tools are required to bake and decorate a simple cake?

Initially when I had started out, I just had a 10 inch cake pan from Ikea, a whisk, measuring cups, spoons, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence and butter. Ya, that’s it, so simple!

If you  are thinking, ‘I would love to give a go at baking simple cakes’, just look around your kitchen and get the basic ingredients and these tools together. This is only a beginner’s basic list. Once you start working with these, you will slowly understand the techniques and see if you can get more tools to make your baking a breeze.




Baking pan

6inch would be an ideal size, but if you are from a colourful Indian family like mine, even a 10inch cake would be small! Try to buy pans that are silver coloured and heavy duty. Dark pans absorb more heat, burning the outer edges of your cake.



Wishk, Spoon and spatula

Whisk, Wooden Spoons and Spatula

If you don’t have a hand mixer or a stand mixer, no problem. Just buy basic mixing tools like a whisk, wooden spoons and a spatula.


measurement_cupsMeasuring Spoons

To get the correct measurements, you need to use the correct spoons and cups for measuring. These are available every where, buy a set and keep. It will help you even in measuring your day to day cooking.


MixingBowlsMixing bowls

Get some deep wide plastic bowls to mix all the ingredients. Plastic bowls keeps your ingredients at room temperature, so it is easier to mix.




Its better to have a good electronic scale, but not necessary. If the recipe calls for ingredients to be measured in grams, then it is required, else, you can get away with measuring in spoons and cups.




Its good to get a metal or a plastic sieve to sift the flour or icing sugar. This will help to aerate the flour and remove any lumps from the icing sugar.


 Oven-thermometerOven thermometer

I personally think this is a necessity as each oven is different. So getting the right temperature as well as knowing the type of oven you have is very important. This will allow you to adjust the temperate by ± 10-20 degrees depending on the type of oven.


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