About aardi’s
Thanks for dropping by… I’m happy that you’ve taken time to visit aardi’s and go through the website. aardi’s is about sharing my baking and decorating works as well as my recipes. I run a home based business, taking orders for cakes, cookies and a few Indian sweets, for easy entertaining as well as for occasions.

About Me

Hi! I am Renie, an Interior designer, Project manager, a certified Baker and now an Urban planning student. I am from God’s own country — Kerala(South India). I studied and spent almost my entire life in Dubai and now, I live in Sydney. After working in the corporate sector for some time, I decided to take a break and pursue higher studies. I am a foodie, who enjoys to cook, bake and decorate for family and friends. Festivals, birthdays and get-together keep me bustling, giving me a place to try new recipes and display my decorating skills. I love cooking because it gives me instant results….and instant feedback as well 🙂 I also indulge in my hobbies of crocheting and knitting, which I sell online.

About the Recipes (Coming Soon)
All the recipes  listed are from family and friends. I have only posted those that have turned out good. In some I have done minor adaptations to suit our taste, but please adjust the measurements to suit yours. I am a huge fan of a few bloggers, who I refer to for particular styles of recipes. If I have put them up, then I will give credit to them. After all, what goes around, comes around. I am a strong believer in this and have experienced it.

Commenting Policy
I intend aardi’s to be an enjoyable and informative place. I hope you can share your experiences, feedback and ask questions. However, if you are rude, offensive or spam, I will delete those comments. So, I welcome you to my site, “aardi’s”. I hope you find everything interesting and would love to hear from you. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this site. Share and enjoy!

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